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 History of A Legacy

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PostSubject: History of A Legacy   Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:57 pm

Updated 28.12.2008 1:19AM
Well Since A Legacy has been around for a while now I guess I could give a small intro on the guild and about the roots of the two GMs on a slightly larger scale than on the top.

this all dates a waaaaaay back when Me and Yorc had been playing for a good while all ready and decided it is time to try a guild out for ourselves. Yorc had had his own Guild on Hellfire EU (mind that a successful one too!) and I had been here on Twisting Nether from day one I started to play. I myself have little experience on being a guildmaster since I never really bothered to even try it. I was always satisfied with being an officer.

Now when Yorc decided (with a small amount of me begging Yorc to roll on rolling to a new server with me) it would be fun to roll on a new server as a group of 3 with his brother and me we decided to jump on Twisting Nether. We started off and while we were leveling we wanted to have fun while we were at it so we started to think of a guild. First off the naming part was very hard since with Yorc you have to think of everything. I would have wanted <Trolls 'r' us> or <group wiping incorp.> but Yorc wanted to go with something that had never been seen before (on eu servers at least Very Happy) so he started suggesting names and I was on armory searching for guilds with the same name. "Hey what about A Legacy? It sounds cool n' all" Yorc said at the end of a VERY long discussion. So I searched it on armory and found no matches at all (this made me suprised since I thought it would have been a name that would have been taken ages ago).

Well the naming part was over and we got the 9 signs on the scroll (mind you this was not as easy as one would think). Then we started to recruit on the all-so-mighty Barrens general chat with "looking for active social and fun members to level up with"

As time rolled by a legacy grew and people started to get closer to 70. A Legacy had a rough time right before the start of WotLK since people where levelcap and were in the guild just because of the company of leveling up and left. When WotLK hit A Legacy started to recruit again for more and more but now aiming for the PvE end of the game.

So here we are today aiming at level 80 raid instances and having a blast while we are at it.

Well a bit more about me if you have all ready read my intro on the forums this is slightly more in depth :p link to the old post.

SO As you know I'm the other evil GM of <A Legacy> and I've been addicted to WoW for a good while now. I have been playing games for a long time and I've got experience on the matter. Now I want everyone to know that I have a short temper (as some of you might have seen) but it might not show in guildchat since that's what the officer chat is all for (and opening up with your sins and troubles SO gain my trust and start ass licking and you might have a chance on the special officer chat and you will be able to listen to all our troubles and sins!). If I get sudden outbursts no need to be afraid since it will take at least a day or two to track you down and by then I will have most probably calmed down all ready. Like I've said in guild chat I take no bullshit from people.

BUT I have a very good, sick, twisted, dark, weird and otherwise perverted sence of humor. So in a nutshell you are stuck with a crazy pothead GM who has temper issues and has a perverted sence of humor.


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PostSubject: Yorc, GM of <A Legacy>   Sat Dec 27, 2008 5:07 pm

"A Ghostly figure walks up to you and whispers something in your ear. When the time and place is right, you will see yourself as A Legacy walking across these battle fields, honored by the ones that choose to follow you in suit. Now is not the time, no my friend, not yet. When the moon shines, the history of this ancient power will appear before you, leading you on the road to becoming A Legacy..."

As Rentrap already mentioned I had already had a guild on another server, which was great while it lasted, but finally came to a sticky end. I decided to abandon it seeing I was too lazy to get it going again. After some begging on Rent's part, I finally decided to make an alt on Twisting Nether with my brother and Rent, just for the lulz. Then it was one fine sunny day in the barrens that we finally decided to make a social leveling guild by the name of <A Legacy>, this was of course after a long debate as told above. Very Happy Now, I'm somewhat of a weird person because I always enjoyed being a Guild Master. Anyways, we started recruiting on the Barrens chat and boom, five days later we were already up by 60 members or so. So pretty much until WoTLK release we were a social leveling guild, just as we had planned.

It's all fun and games as long as you can level, but most people were hitting the level cap and decided they wanted something else in PvE or PvP. We had a massive crash down around WoTLK release when a lot of people left to, for example , raiding guilds. I who didn't want another guild going down in flames just like the Hellfire one, decided to change the guild into a casual PvE/PvP guild, and after a lot of persuasion, I finally managed to get Rent on board with the idea too. From that day on, we have been searching for members that are willing to do the every now and then casual raid or the awesome premade.

Yep, and here we are trying to get some people together for some plain old fun. Just always remember, it's fun to have fun, until some one tells you how to have it. That's why we try and remain a casual raiding guild, nothing to serious Smile

About my self now...

I'm the GM that tells you to tuck you shirt in or comb you hair and will always try and keep things as organized as possible. Very Happy True, many of you might just get a wee bit annoyed at times, but ey, someones gotta do it. I'll also be the GM that keeps the other GM from going nuclear at times. Very Happy On the good side, if you have a problem, just ask me and I'll help you out in anyway possible. So if your ever in the state of "wtf confused" just ask and and I'll get it sorted out for you. I'll be open to you opinions, but don't start suggesting ways I could fund you Ferrari or something, because well, I wont. Last off all, I'll respect your ideas and thoughts, but like Rent here, I won't tolerate bullshit (or ninja's), so if your here to tell us all how awesome you are, I'm going to suggest for you to leave because this isn't the guild for you. Suspect

That's me in a nut shell I guess. Oh, and, if you don't like the way I do certain things, you'd better tell me because i doubt I'll notice myself. Smile

Cheers, your GM, Yorc.

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History of A Legacy
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