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 Rules of the forums

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PostSubject: Rules of the forums   Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:47 am

These are the rules of the forums and I advise everyone to obey them.

# forum posting #

1) Think before you post is your post relevant? does it fit into the topic?
2) Don't post anything that is not suitable for under 18 year olds since we do have people who are under 18 on the forums
3) Don't troll. Trolling is not cool and will not make your e-peen grow any bigger.
4) Don't spam you don't look any cooler with a high post count.
5) Use the "all mighty" search button before you post
6) No topic necromancy! (bumping up a topic what should stay dead)

Now these are the rules here only 6 of them it shouldn't be hard to remember.

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Rules of the forums
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